May 25, 2022

White Hartsherington

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More Women’s Straw Hats

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Women’s Straw Hats

Women’s Straw Hats

Some days I like something small, but when I’m going to be in the sun all day long I need something perhaps a little extreme. Taking care of our skin must be a high priority if you want to keep looking young into older age. I thought this hat fit the bill perfectly.

The Brim is nearly 8 inches wide with a crown of 4.5 inches. With a 22 inch circumference, you will definitely be protected. Airflow should not be a problem due to the open weave braid. If your traveling, the hat is crushable so you can, in fact, flatten if need be.

For those of you who have never worn straw sun hats to this size, these sun protection hats do take some getting used to. However, there is nothing wrong with making your own unique fashion statement once in a while.