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converting a photo to pdf

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Click Set Page Boxes

If you select this option and allow the player to play the media in a particular document, that document becomes trustedAllow Playback Options Three playback options enable you to control how the video is displayed

converting a photo to pdf

Allow Playback In A Floating Window With No Title Bars Select this option to run the video without a title barThe result is that no title or close buttons are displayedAllow Document To Set Title Text In A Floating Playback Window Select this option to display a title bar when the video plays back in a floating window

converting a photo to pdf

To edit the text in the title bar, double-click the video with the Select Object Tool (Tools > Interactive Objects > Select Object)Select Edit Rendition, and then on the Playback Location tab, select Show Title Bar

converting a photo to pdf

Add the title bar text in the Title text field

Allow Playback In Full-Screen Window This option automatically plays the video in full screen mode when it is played backChoose Tools > Edit PDF > Link > Add or Edit, and select the area for the link

In the Create Link dialog box, set the link appearance, select Go To A Page View, and then click NextSet the page number and view magnification you want, either in the parent PDF document or in the file attachment, and then click Set Link

Destinations A destination is the end point of a link and is represented by text in the Destinations panelDestinations enable you to set navigation paths across a collection of PDFs

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